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she needs a hedge trimmer

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forgot to skin the cat!

there's oil on those roots

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can you comb that please?

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your carpet matches your curtains

great view of that forest

when hairy met the dick

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this slut don't even shave

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brunette gets her twat lubed

young,hairy,exotic, amateur babe

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hair in my fucking gums

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her name should be harry

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hairy is the way baby

the good ol fur burger

proud of the fur burger

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two lesbians share one dildo

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don't cough up a hairball

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all about the hairy twat

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no sign of bikini waxing

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you know she can fuck

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enough fur to go around

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cum all over her face

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put dick in that bush

just walkin around flashing people

shes gorillas in the mist

have you heard about razors?

stopped shaving 10 years ago

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hairy cave girls arm pits

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